What approach should we take for stepping into the existing team?

1. Observe

Like any other analysis, this phase will take your time and forbearance. But, from my point of view, it is essential because all knowledge and information you gain about your new team will help you later to establish valuable relationships. So, I highly recommend not to hurry. Just watch and listen.

2. Gain trust

Whatever you do in your life, gaining people’s trust is the hardest. If the team doesn’t trust you as its leader, all your great ideas and proposals could be easily thrown away. So, having a team’s trust is essential for future relationships and collaboration. But how do you gain it?

3. Take actions

How long it will take to meet your new team and build a relationship worth trust depends on the project, your team fellows, and the overall environment in which you operate together. Then, based on your perception, intuition, or common sense, you can start to take some actions with the team’s consensus.



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